Why Us

MeandMath is an online Olympiad & NSTSE exam preparation platform that develops the confidence among students to perform their best.

MAM has been established by leading academician with the aim of promoting SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS, COMPUTER & REASONING courses. In this era when the world is totally pivoted on science & IT, it has become priority to think & plan about the future.” A FUTURE IN WHICH THE CHILDREN OF PRESENT SHALL BE THE LAEDERS OF TOMORROW”.

Regular quantitative & qualitative assignment need to be done from root level to advance level in order to build up the scientific & IT talent pool. It is in sphere that the role of MAM has been much appreciated over last few years. MAM’s integrity & commitment towards the fulfilment of its objectives have been launded by thousands of students who have directly benefited from its educative, informative & evaluative programme.  For the future, MAM has several more innovative programs lined up, which promise to bring about a sea change in the approach to education & preparation for competitive programmes.



The key for having a large exclusive, scientific & IT talent pool for the future is seeking out. Identifying young geniuses & providing them with a unique preparation platform so that they can prove themselves. MAM helps students by:

  1. Recognises & nurture the future scientists, technologists, doctors, IT and other professional’s talent at school level.
  2. encourage students more & more by helping them in their preparation.
  3. In still a feeling of belonging national & global student fraternity.
  4. Infuse the healthy competitive spirit through reward based preparation.
  5. Bring about a transformation in the classroom approach to subjects.
  6. Indulge latest technology to make learning more fun.
  7. Project MAM as a centre of excellence that could cater to different schooling institutions in the areas of methodical research, new educational tools & expert advice.


All activities of the foundation aim at making learning an interesting & interactive process in which learner is actually able to put his/her skill, memory, talent & knowledge to test. For this the foundation conducts online classes, provides numerous quizzes for different classes & age groups.

The foundation conducts the classes & provide resources for following:

NSO (National Science Olympiad)

IMO (National Mathematics Olympiad)

NSTSE (National Level Science Talent Search Examination)

iOS (International Olympiad for Science)

iOM (International Olympiad for Mathematics)

All-inclusive science

All-inclusive mathematics

Reasoning for NSO & IMO

Practice does NOT make you Perfect. Only perfect practice can make you PERFECT

If we force our kids to take olympiad exams without preparation, it would be like throwing our kids into the swimming pool without teaching them how to swim. In 90% cases it is going to shake their confidence.

Our team lets you to be as much curious as possible because JORNEY OF WISDOM

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