Teaching 1st graders Shapes in Lockdown.

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July 21, 2020
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Teaching 1st graders Shapes in Lockdown.

Teaching 1st graders Shapes in Lockdown.

Schools are not opening & your kid is small enough to understand online! Here are some tips you can use to teach your kid SHAPES in an interesting & fun way.

So, let’s get started……

  1. Use playing doh (clay) to draw different shapes.
  2.  Make chapati/parantha of different shapes such as triangle, Circle, Square, pentagon & rectangle so that your kid can relate chapati with shapes.
  3. Print different shapes & give them to fill colors in them.
  4. Ask them chapati of which shape do they want to eat today. Let them draw the shape & then make that for her/him.
  5. Print Names of shapes & let them draw the shape & fill color.
  6. Ask them the shape of a bread slice, the shape of a plate, the shape of lunch math, etc.
  7. Let them draw their own cartoon with different shapes and don’t forget to appreciate their work.
  8. Our kids don’t know about marks, ranks, a competition they just know the smile on our faces. If we smile that’s 100% score for them & if we change our facial expression it’s 0% score for them. Encourage them whenever possible. 
  9. Teach them for knowledge but don’t forget to inject the potential of positivity & never-ending will power that drives them throughout their life.   
  10. This article is based on HOW TO TEACH 1st GRADERS SHAPES(2D SHAPES)


  • Don’t forget to share with your loved ones. Meet you soon with the next article till then stay safe, stay fit & stay happy & blessed.


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