How to participate?



What is the Procedure?

You have to make a video on what you have learned in the class with  ME AND MATH & Share it with us. You can use Hindi, English, or both languages for the same. You’ll be needed to submit the video on Friday every week.  


How to be the Winner?

One who would have presented it well with understandable content will win the contest.

Video Length:  Your Video needs not to be more than 10 minutes and less than 3 minutes. 

Your presentation with confidence will add more scores.

If it is noticed that a student is reading scripted content, it will be rejected.

Points to be noted: RUBRIC for assessing students(out of 10)

  • The students are required to portray the basic concepts of a topic, and then find a new way in which it does not seem tedious or difficult to comprehend.
  • The student should demonstrate a full grasp of the topic, presenting complete and accurate information.
  • They should support what they teach with sufficient examples.


Points 1 2 3 4 Total out of 4
Topic knowledge
Sufficient Examples
Proper explanation of the topic to be presented
Physical presentation

Maximum points:  /16

 What will the winners get?

Students who participate in this competition will get a digital certificate from Me And Math rewarding them for their achievement. Students can also get a maximum of 16 stars by submitting their project on time; this, however, will be declared after assessing the student on a rubric. 


Certificate of excellence: Students who are able to procure at least 16/16 points will get this certificate.


Certificate of distinction: Students who get between 14-15/16 points will receive this certificate.


Certificate of participation: All students who participate in IBL will receive this certificate.


Winners will be recognized on different social media platforms and will get a chance to get their individual photos posted on these platforms; this will happen weekly.  Their pictures will be a part of the Hall Of Fame, where talented scholars from all over India will stand out. 

IBL’s significance in a successful future for your child :

IBL helps students recall what they have learned in class, meaning this time, not the teacher or a parent but a student is engaged and trying to explain what has been taught. It will drive them to revise again and again so that they can present properly.  No better method of revision than this if it is done honestly.

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