How to Teach 1st Graders Maths in Lockdown

May 25, 2018
Teaching 1st graders Shapes in Lockdown.
July 23, 2020

How to Teach 1st Graders Maths in Lockdown

How to Teach 1st Grader Maths

Class 1 is a turning point of any kid’s life or we can call it a transition time where kids start to implement what they have read earlier. It could be terrific or it could be terrible too depending upon the teaching process they go through. 

Let’s make their learning, happy learning by teaching them according to their pace and understanding level. This lockdown period is a golden period for us to homeschool our kids by working on their interests & difficulty levels.

This is the playtime phase of their life. So, it’s very important to make their lessons interesting, interactive & engaging.

Let’s discuss some methods which you can use to teach your kids in the best way.

Learning Number from (1-10)

1. You can use rhymes & songs. It is a fun way of learning numbers. Some are here-

Ten 10 little monkeys,          

Jumping on the bed. 

One-two buckle my shoes

Three, four, shut the door

Ten Little fingers, ten little toes

2. Use numbers in everyday chores that your kid does with you. 

For instance, request that your youngster help set the table and place one fork or two spoons with each plate. You could likewise get her to check lemons or apples. These things help him/her understand the use of numbers. Teach them for knowledge not for marks and grades.

3. Counting Fingers & toes, eyes & ears

4. Use number flashcards

Flashcards are the best effective & engaging way to teach kids. It also helps build & strengthen brain cells.  

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