Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions...

MeandMath is an online platform which helps students preparing for NSTSE & OLYMPIAD exam. It also provides students ample of quiz & worksheets that helps boost confidence of student.

You must have a Desktop (with web camera), laptop, iPad, or any tablet

& Software such as imo, skype, & screen sharing application such as anydesk

for online classes.

You only need multimedia device such MeandMath is an online platform which helps students preparing for NSTSE & OLYMPIAD exam. It also provides students ample of quiz & worksheets that helps boost confidence of student.

as your mobile phone for attempting quiz zone.

OLYMPIAD exam is a competitive exam at academic level. Its syllabus is same as school syllabus for respective class. It is a scientifically designed, skill-based assessment developed in India for Indian schools, after a detailed study of the syllabi of the Central and various State Boards.

Rather than testing rote learning, it tests how well SKILLS and CONCEPTS underlying the school syllabus have been learnt by the student. The test provides information on the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and also of the entire class.

Any student from grade 1 to grade 12 of any school can attempt these exams. But there is no access for student whose school is not registered in SCIENCE OLYMPIAD FOUNDATION.

What should i do to conduct these exams in my school?

If you are interested in conducting Olympiad exams in your school, please contact the organisers of the exam. For you reference we are specifying their contact details.

  • Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

Phone: 0124-4951200



Unified Council

Phone: 040-24557708



Normally, these Olympiad examinations are conducted through school only and, if your school is not participating you have very limited option for appearing in these exams.

As per our knowledge, this year; Unified Council is allowing direct participation in NSTSE exam from selected cities. Please visit for more details.

MAM provides a number of practice sets of different shades which enhance the knowledge of student & let them to think logically. Our foundation also provides unique notes regarding a particular topic for the students who registered themselves for online classes. It provides a true guidance to perform best in both the levels. Your happiness is our proud & satisfaction.

It lets you to compete with whole world and helps in building base for all future professionals.
Each student is provided a Student Performance Report (SPR). The SPR analyses the strong and weak areas of the student and also gives a detailed performance comparison of the student registered with MAM.

It’s very easy. Go to membership page register yourself as a member of MAM & avail the resources provided by MAM. It is designed in such a way that anyone can use it from anywhere. Now join an online platform of knowledge & break the geographical boundaries.

Our professionals work on every single point & try to explore exam pattern by making it as simple as possible. We don’t do spoon feeding but we sow a seed in the brain of student which let them to think & develop new ideas & view for any area.

Yes, it is possible to take an online class in a group of 2 by joining our dual program.

Solo program is a program in which single student is registered to take class alone. Dual program is a program in which 2 students share the platform.

If any student misses the scheduled class he/she will be provided a video class of that day to their account & can discuss their doubts in doubt clearance session or can mail us their query anytime. Student will positively get reply within 12hrs of inquiry.

No, our effort focus on providing help & guidance to all competitive exams aspirants only.

You can recover it easily by just following some simple steps or can call us at working ours.

No, once you have agreed the terms you will be bounded to follow it for a year or you can take.

“If a Child can not learn in a way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn”

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